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"So, Why do You need a Website
for Keyboard shortcuts ?"

In a fast moving world keyboard shortcuts takes us even faster!.
It saves your time!!

Though computer applications keep getting upgraded on a regular basis, shortcut-keys remains unchanged and yet it is faster!

Didn’t you ever see some people operating computers without looking at the menu? They hold mouse very rarely! They are shortcutkey experts.

You see many of us don’t use keyboard commands just because we believe it is not easy to remember them.

What if there was a website to help you to remember windows shortcut keys, Internet explorer shortcuts, Gmail shortcuts and …so!

Now, you have visited this website.

Without further advertisements I shall leave this website for your own assessment, with the promise (as it develops) that you will not leave it without having more command over many shortcut keys you use on a daily basis.

To make your reading easier I have included pictures to help you!

Gmail Pen

Your Wrist

Nowadays using a computer is no longer restricted to homes or offices, the invention of laptop computers allows us to make use of computers while we’re mobile such as: in a car or an aeroplane, in airports, shopping areas and even in parks. Parks are no more a place for relaxing but for undisturbed internet surfing. With all this unlimited computer usage minimizing the use of a mouse can help you a lot in saving time as well as relieving you from using your wrist excessively.

Why should you worry about the excessive use of your wrist?

You may have heard of a condition called the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, this injury manifests itself when the tendons in the carpal tunnel when the median nerve becomes compressed at the wrist by repetitive hand movements. This results in wrist pain, tingling, muscle weakness and numbness in the fingers.

Table of Contents:

Function Keys,Windows Keyboard Tips and Tricks!
Function keys and Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, Watch the action!,You can easily remember all windows keyboard Shortcuts.

Windows Natural Shortcuts Remembering Ideas !
Windows Natural Shortcuts, ! Wonderful Pictures and Ideas to Remeber them

Windows Edit Shortcuts,Remembering Ideas!
Windows-edit-shortcuts and all other keyboard shortcuts can be remembered with the help of these pictures, ideas and tips

Windows Shift Keys,Keyboard Ideas!
Windows Shift Keys,Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Easy Remembering Ideas!

Windows Alt Keys,See Keyboard Shortcut Magic!
Windows Alt Keys,Easy Tips for Remembering Windows Shortcuts.Pictures,Ideas. With the help of these pictures and tips you will learn how to remember Windows Keyboard shortcuts.

Shift CD! Enjoy this picture
Shift CD, Windows keyboard shortcuts remembering ideas, tips.

Internet Explorer Shortcuts!,Tricks and Ideas
Internet Explorer Shortcuts,Webpages shortcutts and all other keys can be remembered easily with the help of these pictures and tricks.