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Ms Word Keyboard Shortcuts: Daily Keys

What are we going to learn from this page? The most frequently used Ms Word keyboard shortcus.

It is the most frequently used keyboard shortcuts by the baby that has just been born to the man who is about to die, all using these keyboard shortcuts. You will never forget these following keyboard shortcuts and some of them you may already know about.

These shortcuts are as important and useful as mother's milk is to her baby. They are also as important to you in your daily life if you are a regular user of MS word.

Can you save your document in a treasure box that is as safe as gold in a golden locker?

Ms-word-Ctrl-SYes it is and you will remember it because you know exactly where you have saved your most precious document.

The series of pictures and the article will help you to remember this Microsoft Word Keyboard shortcut.

So now that you have safely saved all your precious ornaments, your total life savings and your future dreams in a locker from which a stranger would never think to look in, you can think about opening it when you want to access this safe locker.

You may open your treasure box whenever you need to access your precious belongings. These pictures will help you to remember a simple keyboard shortcut that you can use to open a document in MS Office: "ctrl + O".

Creating a new document is an artistic work as you need a bit of imagination to create something that does not yet exist. Here you will learn how to create a new document in MS Office or in Word.

Saving in MS Word is as any other kind of saving that you may want to do; for example you may want to hide your identity, or may be you want to make a duplicate of what you have to make sure the original documents are still safe.


Selecting the whole content in documents is something everybody does frequently, especially when you want to do something to the whole document.

Here you will learn to remember how to select the whole document

As promised I have helped you learn the most commonly used MS Office and MS Word keyboard shortcuts that most of us use in everyday life.

Good luck!

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