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Hi, Welcome to www.remembering-your-keyboard-shortcuts.com. I am known as Madathil among my friends and colleagues.

My pictureI started this website when I was looking for a change in my life after having fourteen years of stagnant career life. Like everybody I was looking to do something that I could enjoy.  I can’t say I did not like my current job, but I felt like I definitely needed a change in my life.

So how do I go about looking for change? 

I decided I should change myself first.

The Internet was the place for search for  change.  In the beginning I got attracted to quick money making advertisements, but even though I found it very exciting, all those advertisers wanted money first!! Though This made me doubt the credibility of these advertisers still I got   cheated  (Something nobody wants to say Openly).

I realized there is no quick money making ideas which work well in this highly competitive world unless you work hard otherwise.
So I stoped running after quick money making ideas but my search lead me to Site Build It - SBI. I went through the case studies of SBI few times (I would say many times) repeatedly and at last I decided to invest here.

Site Build It

A big change...

I started going through video lessons and written materials. It took me three months to understand the basics and seven months to complete the course (SBI Call it 10 lessons). But by that time I had gained so much knowledge about the internet, search engine algorithm, brainstorming, nitche choosing, site building..and the list goes on..and I am still learning..

I don’t think I have ever committed myself in anything in my life for the purpose of achieving something as much as I have done here in building my website. Because I really wanted a change. I spent 3 to 5 hours every day adding to what knowledge I had about building a website.

Even though I invested time, worked hard, and learnt a lot through trial, I also owe it to my Fellow SBI ers who also helped me through my humps over our Forums. We ere there to help each other as we are there to help our own brothers and sisters and that is how I advanced step by step.

There were also times when I faced mountains instead of humps.  This is when the real Dad- Site Build It itself came and helped me until they were sure I succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain I had to climb up. So I am very grateful that I have been blessed with many helping hands.

When I started building my website and reached 30 pages or so… (I only had 5-7 visitors on an average daily basis) I was also dealing with problems in my personal life with the end result being a broken marriage.

My mind was so disturbed.

This kept me away from working on my website for a few months as writing the articles and drawing the pictures needs a lot of attention, imagination, time investment and commitment.

After a few months I took a look into my website again with the intention of working on it and found the average daily visitors had risen to 60! I got excited!. Though it’s not a big figure I was very happy to see the number of visitors increased without been updating my website. This worked as a catalyst to my inspiration to concentrate on building more quality content WebPages.

I started writing articles and drawing pictures again.

I believe that each and every person is an expert in something; it might be housekeeping or space research, it does not matter. Though housekeeping is something everybody does, it does not mean that everybody is good at that.

I work for a research lab and throughout my career I came across few findings which help me to get good laboratory results. I admit that these findings are accidental, minor, or some are the result of chance and may not be great findings to publish in scientific research papers.

Take this example:

Though two separate laboratories of the same kind may follow the same protocol one laboratory produces better results because of those accidental findings or changes they did in their experiments. It does not matter what happened along the way what matters is the good results in the end.

That’s what everybody wants in their life. Good Results!

At the end of the day these are the results of your own experience and it is unique to you. Silly small findings that no one has published yet!

Let us come back to the Housekeeping example again.

While big firms make expensive cleaning reagents, you make and sell simple cleaning solutions which you discovered through your life experiences and it is inexpensive and gives good result.  Even though others are finding it cheap now, it was expensive for you, because you had invested time and effort in your life and gone through plenty of trial and error to come up with these cleaning solutions.

What I want  to tell you?

Your unique expertise can be transformed into a website enriched with your own proven experience and Site Build It is there to help you with the technical part. All you have to have is –the determination to work hard, the patient to learn the lessons and to strive to achieve your goal.

But drive slowly when you see a hump, never stop the car. Follow their instructions and use the technical tools they provide for you.

What about visiting a website which teaches you everything about housekeeping?

How about building web pages with your own unique ideas which will give better cleaning results?

What about selling your own cleaning inventions?

You start your life as a cleaning boy and you reach a level where you sell all your unique cleaning inventions through a website which you built. It is possible and achievable. Ignore the concept that you have no idea how to build a website. It is very much possible by sitting at home. Not simply a website but a business. Here are some people who built very successful websites who were not computer experts and all of them started from scratch.

Take my story as another example:

In day to day computing whenever applications were updated I was very lazy to go through the menus and lessons to learn about the new applications, so I concentrated more on keyboard shortcuts. Now, my little knowledge in keyboard shortcuts have been transformed in to a website.

If I can build a website this way you can too. Sit and relax and you will realize that you are an expert in something and it is only a matter of time and effort before your experience and skill can be used in a way to help others.

Your support:

You have visited my website. I hope I was able to serve you better with each visit you made to my website. I enjoy having more guests as much as I enjoy drawing pictures and writing articles to help you!

I dedicate my website to my beloved father who passed away at my tender age and to my mother who raised my brothers and me through those difficult times, to my brothers, family members, friends and, to all those human beings who want this world to be a better place for living by helping each other.

Do you think this website is useful?. If so,next time you visit me please bring your friends as well.

I am waiting..