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Alt Enter Means Always Leave Things Then Enter

You have probably already read the short paragraph about the purpose of the ‘Alt’ and ‘Enter’ keyboard shortcut before you have been brought to this page. Here we learn Alt Enter.

Now, how can I help you to remember Alt Enter keyboard shortcut?

alt-enter-1-windows-keyboard-shortcutsWhen it comes to Properties the first thing that comes to mind is our possessions.

Suppose you would like to see the properties of a king, who’s dynasty had ruled a country for several hundreds of years, by visiting his palace which has not been open for public view before due to security reasons.

Now the Government wants to open this palace for the public so they can display the valuable possessions of the dynasty for historical educations.
It was known to the public through newspaper articles and from  historical books that this king owned many things that nobody has ever laid eyes on before.

alt-enter-3-windows-alt-keysLet us go and visit the Kings properties!
Can you simply walk into a palace as you like? Most of the time you can’t .

You would probably have to buy a ticketand go through a thorough security check before you are allowed to enter.

The most important warning the palace authorities are going ask of you is to:
Always Leave Things – your holdings- in a safe place before you Enter.

This is so that the authorities can ensure that you do not steal anything from the palace.

Now let us talk about our topic which is; Viewing System Properties.
As in the case of visiting the king’s palace; to view the system properties, that is to say the properties of the items of a computer, all you have to do is to Always Leave Things and then Enter. That is to say Alt Enter (Alt + Enter).

Go through these pictures and with any luck you you will never forget the keyboard shortcut for viewing system properties.


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