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Internet Explorer Alt Home Key..
Your Home Key

Here we learn how to remember Internet explorer Alt home.

Let us say that internet is a very big city – a big world where too many people looking for too many things. It is a dream for anyone to have a home in the city where he lives. My friend had this problem of not having a home after several years of hardworking. By the time she had it, she missed the way to her home always because every building in the city looked exactly same as the other one.It was very difficult for her to locate it.


The government authorities came to know about the problem and they made her life very easy. She was allowed to change the shape of her house, that is to say Alter her Home – Alt + Home (Alt home), so that she can easily identify it.

She was very happy to have this privilege. A new home was constructed with a different structure so it looked totally different from all other buildings in the city. After this simple change she never had difficulties to locate it.


When you go through the pictures shown here you see my friend drive her car to her unique home. She even beautified it by giving a structure with Alt key.

You can see that she has changed the side view of the home as A, and she hang a flower pot on a L shaped wooden hanger and fixed it with a T shaped Hammer. So it was Alt+Home by all means.

You can also locate your home (Home page) by simply giving a unique shape to it so that you will never miss it.

Now you have learned an important internet explorer keyboard shortcut, and I am sure that by going through this small storey you probably have learned how to locate your home, that is to say how to reach your home page. Just alter your home.

It is Alt + Home.

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