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Alt Space Bar, If you Know Cooking..,You Remember the Keyboard shortcut!

Now let us learn how to remember alt Space bar.

windows keyboard shortcuts alt space bar system ready for cooking
When we talk about System Menu, the first thing comes to our mind is the short menu which appears when you right click the title bar.

Suppose you work in Ms word or excel, with the help of this menu you can minimize or maximize or even close the window.

When you use more than one windows based programs, this shortcut key helps you a lot.

For example while you are in word suppose you want to use the internet, you can access the menu with the help of alt space bar and then minimize the document.

Now you are in the desktop where you can browse the internet easily.

windows keyboard shortcuts alt space bar system put on flame
As we are going to explain alt space bar ( ‘alt + Space bar’ ) windows keyboard shortcut, I must tell you that to remember this particular keyboard shortcut you should know how to cook very well.

Just joking!

Don’t worry !. Even if you don’t know cooking now you can easily learn it later.

For me what I understand by saying system menu is a cooking menu made of your computer system. That is called ‘system menu.’

All what you have to do is to put your system in a cooking vessel and add ingredients at the right proportion. (Adding ingredients at the right proportion depends upon each individual. So I don’t want to interfere in that, he hee..)

Now Let us add the system ( Handle it carefully !!) into the container and put on the flame.

Notice that the gas lighter is ‘T' shaped.
While the cooking is going on it is important to stir. If not, you know what will happen !?.
As we are cooking our Computer System, the best stir can be the ‘Space Bar’ and surely the keyboard must be you’re near by.

Now I want you to "Pluck out the space bar from the keyboard and start stiring."

windows keyboard shortcuts alt space bar plucking space bar
Look at the picture no. 4; you see busy cooking is going on.

Left hand is holding the cooking vessel with the help of an “a” shaped tong.

Right hand is stiring the food with the help of a space bar.

We have already mentioned about ‘t’ shaped gas lighter.

You can also see an  ‘ℓ’ shaped flame. Thus alt + Space bar completes the scene.

windows keyboard shortcuts alt space bar system alt space bar scene
Now it is up to you whether you need too much of food or not.

If you want your food is full of dining plate – that is to say if you want your favorite program to be displayed all over the computer screen – you can serve more / you can maximize it.

If you want a very little quantity you can minimize it.

And if you don’t want food at all you can close the programe.

I mean put the plate upside down.


Now I am sure that you can easily remember which keyboard shortcut key is used to display the system menu.

It is alt space bar - (Alt + Space bar).

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