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Copy Paste Everybody knows, Still..
these pictures helps you a lot.

Which is the most frequently used Windows keyboard shortcut everybody uses?.The answer is copy paste. Or normally we say Copy and Paste’.

Copy-save-windowsAll you have to do is to select a portion of the text you want to copy and Press the “Ctrl” and “C” buttons.

Place the cursor exactly where you want to paste the copied text and press the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons.

copy-and-save-windows-keyboard-shortcutsHow can I help you to remember this keyboard shortcut easier?.

I ask you to go through these pictures and read the short story written with it to help you remember.

A long time ago when we were constructing our house, we had a mason who used to come to our house regularly.


The mason had a float and with the help of a particular glue he takes concrete made flower designs onto his float to stick them onto the floor one by one until the whole floor was completed with this design.

copy-and-save-windows-keyboard-shortcutsOne day while in the process of flooring, let us simplify that in the process of “copying and pasting”, the “C” shaped handle changed into a “V” shape and he could not lift the float up although he     tried hard to detach it from the floor.

Copy-and-save-windows-keyboard-shortcutsFuthermore, let us say, the mason was using the “Ctrl” button as the float.
So which short cut keys are used for copying and pasting in Windows?.

I am sure that you know now having gone through this short story.So You have learned copy Paste

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