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Ctrl S: Your Documents and....
Antiques are very safe!

Ms Word Ctrl SNow, let us talk about Ctrl S: saving a document in word or in any other Microsoft office application.

As you know very well saving a document is more important than saving money!


Only the saved document can tell you that where the money is deposited!
Microsoft Word Ctrl S2
Ctrl S is the most widely used keyboard shortcut and almost everybody remembers it too.

Probably, it is the most quickly used keyboard shortcut. As soon as you create a document you want to make sure it is saved.

So, Keep on Pressing Ctrl +S!!

Now, I want to tell you about something special which I made exclusively for you.

An S shaped Treasure made up of very strong steel! And a special C shaped slot on it so that your precious gold coins, ornaments, antiques – and moreover all your valuable documents are safe when you deposit through. This special steel treasure has got two openings and those are locked – one with T and the other with L.

Word Ctrl S-3so when the treasure is full you can select either of the openings.

Gold coins from one side and documents from the other side! Just kidding!

I know you can’t leave this treasure in the street and you want to take this to a safe place.

That feature also is not excluded when I made this for you.

Word Ctrl SA very special handle with the shape of R so that you hold it in your hand, take it with you and place it in a secret place!

This is all what you have earned so far! Your document keeps all your secrets!

Talking too much about ctrl + S may be a waste of time as it is the keyboard shortcut almost everyone knows.

Ms Word Ctrl S Tying RBut hopefully there are still very few who may not know about this keyboard shortcut.

 Some newbies!

Also we can’t simply ignore the talk about saving! We all want to save for the future!

Take this special Treasure from me and save all your precious documents, gold coins and antiques in it!

MS Word Ctrl S Last sceneSo, Microsoft Ctrl + S is not only useful in your day to day computing but also is a great help for the activities outside the computer.

I hope you enjoyed Ctrl S very well,


Everything is safe!?

Let us go and learn another keyboard shortcut.

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