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Remember the Ctrl X Key by
Imagining the Action of A Saw

Let us learn the purpose of Ctrl X and how to remember it.

In Windows programs everybody knows the difference between cutting & pasting and copying & pasting. When we use ‘Ctrl’ and ‘C’ to copy a portion of the text and using ‘Ctrl’ and ‘V’ we place the copied text somewhere else in the document.


The original portion of the text that you had copied from will remain as it was on the document before the copying process. Whereas, when you cut part of the text using ‘Ctrl’ and ‘X’  the cut portion of the text will permanently be removed from the original position in the document.

In practical life when we want to cut something we use a knife, a cutting blade or a pair of scissors. Especially when seeing the ‘Ctrl’ ‘X’ the image that comes to mind is the action of a saw.

When the wooden block is brought to the big saw it is then cut into two pieces.When we use the ‘Ctrl’ ‘X’ key for cutting part of a text you will see a big saw working in Windows exactly as it does in a saw mill. It is nothing but the R portion of the Ctrl key. Go through the pictures and see what exactly the R in the ctRl key does.


Once you cut X using the Ctrl key you will see the x shaped block being cut into two pieces.Did you notice the X shaped block changes its shape into two V shaped blocks ? What happens when the Ctrl X becomes a Ctrl V? .. It is then ready for pasting.
Recalling the action in a saw mill or simply a saw cutting an X shaped wooden block into two will hopely help you remember which keyboard shortcut is used for cutting a portion of the document in Windows.

So, Now you have learned the purpose of Ctrl X shortcut!.

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