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File Menu Displayed..
With Green Traffic Light !

Windows F10, The File Menu Key.

Windows F10 - the file menu key
When you are using programs like MS Word or Notepad, the keyboard shortcut key to activate the “File” menu is Windows F10 key.

This is one of the commonly used Window’s shortcut key.

Once you press Window’s F10 Function key the File menu is activated, then it is easy to go to any other menus using the arrow keys.

Now, you want to know how to remember which keyboard shortcut is used to activate the menu bar.Imagine your mouse suddenly stopped working and you want to continue using the computer. 

What would you do?

Imagine you are in the middle of a road and you are waiting for the traffic light to turn green Now, look at the picture: there is an illuminating F10 key. 

From the top of part F and from the right part of 1 there is a light that resembles a traffic light! It passes through 0 (Zero) and illuminates the FILE.

Just imagine while you are in the middle of the road there is an F10 shaped traffic light.


Now the F10 light is illuminated – The traffic light is green!

Press the right arrow key on the keyboard to go to other menus on the right side of the “File" menu – as you would when you are driving your car to the right side road.

To turn left press the left arrow – as you would while you are driving your car to the left of the road.

Press down on the arrow key to select an option from the “File” menu – like when you are driving your car through an under pass.Now you know how easy it is to remember which Window’s keyboard shortcut is used to activate the menu bar in Windows- Just imagine that the “File” menu illuminates from the light of the F10 key.


Now that you have seen a demonstration in the picture. Drive your car safely to the desired direction!. Imagine it is a brand new BMW ! Wow !

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