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Function Keys, Knowing them
 Makes your Windows life Easier.

Many of us know there are six Windows Function keys we use frequently. These are F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F10. Of these, F4 shortcut is not listed below. I believe that it is more appropriate to explain it under Internet explorer keyboard shortcuts. 

windows-keyboard-shortcuts-function-key-f1 Click the links, go through the lessons and try to understand the pictures serially. 

F1 Function Key is knows as Help Key. Because it is always there to help you. In windows and windows based programes like Microsoft office F1 does the role of someone who helps you always.

Windows F2 shortcut key is the rename function key.

Windows F2 Function key

Suppose you are in Windows explorer and you select a file or folder then you press F2.You easily retype the name of that file or folder.
Thus the file or folder has got renamed.


F3 key is meant for searching files and folders. For example, you are in windows explorer and you would like to search for a particular file or folder, you press F3 Function shortcut.

Feed the name of a file or folder in a particular directory or drive where you believe the file you are looking for is present. 

You can even search for that missing file in the whole computer. I mean you don’t need to specify a particular directory. Read Windows F3 Key.


F5 is the refresh key. This keyboard shortcut is widely used in internet explorer to refresh the page. (Probably other browsers as well). F5 shortcut can also be used in Windows. For example -Your current working drive is A: and you insert a new floppy drive. If you want to see the contents of the newly inserted floppy, all what you have to do is Press Windows F5.


F10 is Windows activate File menu shortcut key. While you Work in Ms Word, Press F10 shortcut, the file menu is accessed. Using arrow keys you can select various options in the menu now.


You can remember all these keyboard shortcuts very easily.once you go through the links in the page and wherever you go you will not forget them. 

All what you have to do is read those articles with a little attention.

Have fun !.

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