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Gmail Archive And Next - Very Easy to Remember!

Have you ever heard of a term called “Gmail Archive and next”?. Do you know how to remember the keyboard shortcut for the same ?.If not, you’re on the right page, because here I will explain what it means and how you can use it to your benefit.

This term is a peace of cake  in Gmail that helps you to read a particular email and then without going back to the inbox you can jump onto the next message to continue reading your messages.

Let us go through this small article and learn how to remember Gmail Archive and next Keyboard Shortcut.

If you are really popular or a really busy person and receive a lot of messages and need to save time (you can save time and with the saved time you can buy precious ornaments or an expesive car !) you probably do not want to keep going back to the inbox after reading each message you receive in order to get to the next one, do you?

So if you are wishing there was a keyboard shortcut that can be utilized in your day-to-day emailing to make your life a little easier, you’re in luck because there is.

The keyboard shortcut for archive and next in Gmail is “Y+O”.

Let me explain what this 'Gmail Archive' actually does.

Look at the pictures below carefully?

There are two objects here: a Y shaped object and an O shaped object.

The O shaped Object is attached to Y and it revolves through the groove on the Y.

There are a few boxes fixed on the O and labeled with different years.

gmail-archive-and-next-4.jpgNow when you press Y and O together - after reading a particular mail - that mail moves into a box on the O labeled with the same year or date on the envelope

You see, the first letter was dated in 2008 and it moves into the box labeled “2008”. The next letter is stamped with “2006” and the third “2004”.

How is this possible?
There is a special sensor in the arm of the Y and this causes the O shaped object to move and position itself according to the year on the letter!.

Now with this imagination and with the help of the pictures shown below I am sure you will be able to remember this particular keyboard shortcut in Gmail which is Y+O.

Now that you have learnt Gmail’s keyboard shortcut you don’t need to go back to the inbox again after reading each of your emails in order to go to the next one, saving you precious time in your busy schedule.

I hope you have learned the keyboard shortcut for Gmail Archive and next by going through this page. We do belive that time is money. With the saved time you have now, you can have some precious ornaments or an expensive car as I mentioned you before!.