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Gmail Compose Mail

Gmail Compose mail!

Dear Mum,

I know there are few questions you want me to answer.
Why is my son writing a letter now?
He always makes a phone call!
He is also so busy.

I know In this day and age, few people write letters.

You’re probably wondering why is he writing me an email? Did he meet a girl whom he wants to marry? I will tell you why I wrote this letter.
I remember the last time we spoke you mentioned you had difficulties in clicking the mouse and wondered if there was a way that you can manage to use the computer without using one too much. I’m writing to tell you that there is a simple shortcut to composing an email in Gmail.
Gmail compose mail

By learning this simple key and many others, things will become much easier for you in two ways. First you don’t need to struggle anymore looking for those buttons and can reduce the usage of the mouse and hopefully be relieved off the pain in your wrist from the Carpal Tunnel syndrome you always complain about in your emails.

I still remember those days when you used to write letters on that old typewriter while I sat beside you watching you type away. As s a child I was so proud of how fast you could type! Mum, I still remember those wonderful days and I know you can use the computer keyboard to write me letters with your skilled typewriting hands.

Gmail compose mail-2
I hope by teaching you some keyboard shortcuts I can help you to remove your wrist brace and cure your painful wrist so that your life may become easier. I’m happy that I can help you even though there is a great distance between us and I promise you I will help you learn these keyboard shortcuts with the help of simple ideas and articles.

Gmail compose mail 3
Let us see how Gmail Compose Mail.

As you can see in this picture, Gmail has made a special pen for you. Have you noticed when you hold the Gmail pen with your thumb and index finger (ready for writing) it makes a C shape. Just C. That is the shortcut for composing an email in Gmail. No matter what mode you are in: Inbox, Sent Mail, contacts, etc, just press the letter “C” on the keyboard whenever you feel like writing an email and Gmail will direct you to the email composing mode.

Gmail compose mail

For the time being enjoy Gmail compose mail

Your's loving son.

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