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Strengthen Your Gmail Connection
through Instant Reply

Your Gmail connection with your friend can be made so active through Prompt Reply.

Receiving an email reply can be for various reasons whether it is for a job you just applied to, an instant reply from your friend or a business reply from your partner, auto email reply from your travel agents or email replies from friends and family.

Gmail Connection-1Since receiving personal email reply is mostly a joyous occasion I shall focus on them for now.

Let us go through this simple article and learn how to make your Gmail Connection with your friends and family members so active.

During my childhood I had a best friend with whom I had spent the better part of my childhood with.

Gmail Connection twoOur antiques stretched beyond the school’s play grounds and classrooms; we used to share all our dreams of discovering new life forms in distant planets as future astronaut explorers.

We were always there to amuse each other whenever any one of us got detention after school, to lend an ear to each others’ woes, to dole out advice or to lend a hand whenever it was needed …etc.  

Gmail Connection threeA lot of time had passed since those innocent days and fewer words were exchanged as our lives forked out in different directions.

Back in those days walkie-talkies, paper aero planes with secret messages were the ways we used to communicate with each other.

But since the arrival of the internet on screen social network groups and communities pop up everywhere like mushrooms to give old and new friends no excuse not to reconnect.

Gmail Connection FourThis is exactly how I bumped into my best friend in the digital world after fifteen years in the ordinary form of an email sitting in my inbox one day.

A greater opportunity to reply instantly for the emails.

I was so excited on opening this email that I couldn’t be bothered to look for my glasses, the email reply button, to chase after the mouse or to fix the cursor on the screen. Gmail Shortcut r

I just pressed r and discovered a beautiful platform with a writing pad appear on the screen.

A wonderful Platform that helps me to reply instantly improves my Gmail connection with my friend than ever before.

Gmail Shortcut Key rSo I started pounding away over the keyboard to catch up on all the defining moments that happened over the last fifteen years since the last day of school when I had cried all the way home. 

Reply to All

Gmail reply shortcut key oneDo you want to reply to a group of people?.

Do you want to strengthen your Gmail connection with all your friends?

Gmail provides you with such an option.

All you need to do is press A.

Gmail reply threeWhat happens when you press A…?

The original reply gets copied and distributed to all the people to whom you want to send a reply.

Gmail has fixed three doors on the A.

One is made up of the letter a and the other two with the letter l and all these doors are opened after the copying is done and then those letters are distributed to all those concerned.

So, a Gmail connection to all.

Refer to the pictures shown here to get a better understanding.

Reply to all option is only available in the conversation mode.

Gmail reply all oneFor example, you put a query about a particular topic to a group of people and some of them may reply to your mail.

All these messages are placed on top of each other so that if you want to check a particular message you don’t need to open another email in the inbox.


Gmail reply all twoAll of them are available in one email arranged one on top of the other with the newest message being displayed first.

This is very helpful in following the context of a conversation as the exchange of replies, to a certain original topic, are stacked on top of each other for your reference.

Gmail shortcut aIf you would rather reply in a new window remember how we had learnt to create a new window using the Shift key.

To quickly recap, all you need to do to create a new window is to press the Shift and the A keys. This will allow you to reply to all your friends through a new window instead of the Gmail default of replying in the conversation mode.

See how fast you can email using Gmail shortcuts!.

Gmail a shortcut
Gmail key r

1 You can give instant reply by pressing r.
2 You can reply to all by just pressing A
3 You can reply to all through a new window by pressing Shift + A

Would you like to reply through a new Window? Very easy. I will show you how to do that.
Gmail Shift A
Press  Shift + A.

Through the help of these simple pictures and tricks you have now become a master of the various means of instant replying to Gmail messages.

Is it not wonderful your Gmail connection with your friends?

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