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A Gmail help to go to Sent out Folder

So, how does Gmail help us to go to all messages in the Sent folder without using the mouse?.

Gmail go to Sent ItmesThis small chapter teach us how to go to the sent items folder while you are in Gmail.  For this we need to lease an aircraft from Gmail and charter it (Just kidding!).

Gmail keeps a copy of all items you send in the Sent items folder.  Let us learn how to remember the keyboard shortcut to go to the sent folder through the series of pictures shown in the article.

Sent items shows the details like to whom the messages were sent, the date and the subject of the email, etc.

Gmail go to sent items twoAll the lessons belonging to this unit basically teach us how to go to different folders in our everyday emailing. 

That means it is a sort of travelling in between the folders. 

So we would take the help of an aircraft owned by Gmail, as we have done exactly in the previous chapter
'how to go to all mail.’ 

Imagine Gmail helps you by providing their private aircraft to go to sent items!

Gmail go to Sent itmes threeWhen you watch the Gmail picture, you see some letters have been sent out through the alphabet L.

These email messages fly all over the air to anywhere in the world. 

‘Sent out’ means all the items you sent since your Gmail account was created unless you deleted them. 

Gmail gt oneIt can be an email you sent to someone working on a big ship, or it can be a message which shows the details of money you sent to your friend on so and so date or an email to a man busy with serious desert operation. 

It does not matter; something is sent to someone anywhere on earth. 
Gmail gt two
All those messages or letters have been preserved in a separate folder and now we want to visit that folder. 

With the help of this particular aircraft from Gmail, we can trace them all. 

Once you trace out the geographical location of the messages, get your Gmail aeroplane ready, parked in the air close to the messages you traced. 

A rescue specialist comes out of the plane.  He uses his special t shaped rod to descend from the aircraft until he physically reaches the letters.
  Gmail help one

The cross stroke of the is designed in the form of a rectangular plate which can move through up and down along t so that the man looking for the sent out items can easily reach them.

A great Gmail help no one can do!
So the keyboard shortcut for going to sent items folder in Gmail is g + t.
Gmail help two
I hope you enjoyed this article with the pictures as an aid to remembering the Gmail keyboard shortcut to go to sent out items folder. 

Take this Gmail help whenever you want to visit your Sent folder.

Once more Press g + t to go to the sent items folder.

Gmail help threeWe have finished our second chapter in Unit three of Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

We expect Gmail would provide us their aircraft for the remaining chapters as well !.

For the time we will have a small break.