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Have a Hand Made Gmail inbox
to save your drafts!

It is good to have both an online mail box and a handmade Gmail inbox in your office.

Whenever you have a printed or written draft it can be saved in the mail box on your table and when you want to save your electronic mail you can do that on your computer.

Let me build a special Gmail inbox for your convenience so that we can keep all our letters in that.

Gmail Inbox oneWe are going to keep all our drafts here in the future.

Suppose you are writing a letter to your friend meanwhile your boss seems to be coming to see you; you want to hide your letter from him by keeping the letter in a very safe place.

I will show you how I designed this special Gmail box for you so that your spare time in the office can be utilized very well and, in the meantime, you don’t need to worry about your boss.

Look at the wall.

Our Gmail box is fitted on it with the help of an L shaped rod and an r shaped one.

Those are nailed on the wall. So, your physical Gmail box is always fixed on.

Once the draft is deposited in to the box it should be closed.

So we have an S shaped lid. This lid is fitted on a cylinder shaped T.
There is a C shaped holder on the head of T.

gmail inbox twoThe whole set up is made up of 5 letters.

A holder which is made up of C.

A revolving Cylinder shaped T

Two other objects made up of r and L which is holding the Gmail inbox on the wall.

At last an S shaped lid for the box.

So it is Ctrl + S.

Now, you are in a rush to save your document because your boss is very close by you. Just hold the c shaped holder and rotate it either back or forth.
gmail inbox threeWhen the cylinder shaped T revolves itself, the box opens and you save your draft in it.

You don’t need to catch the holder again to close the opened door.

All what you have to do is to release the holder.

The cylinder again rolls back and the lid of the Gmail box is closed.

gmail inbox fourYour documents are safe.

It is faster than saving a draft electronically.

It is does not even take a few seconds!

After working hours, take all your drafts and you are ready to send them to your friends.

That means you don’t miss any of your drafts because you have saved all of them in the special Gmail inbox.

gmail save as oneBut make sure that you have affixed enough stamps on the envelopes (just kidding)!

Do this whenever you have time in between your office hours so that you don’t need to spare time to write letters for your friends (but you never delay your official commitment!).

After working hours you are always with your children!

Gmail Save as twoWhat about saving a draft electronically? Play with your ctrl + S like you did before.

But this time you do it on your computer keyboard.

We live in a very competitive world – so, we have an offline Gmail box and an online.

An eye on the net and an eye on the shop. You have finished all your personal work because you have a special Gmail box in your office to keep your drafts secretly! So you are a happy person.
Gmail Save as threeWhat about your boss?
Is he happy?

Definitely because you are smart enough to work for him without giving him any clues that you do your personal work in between your official hours.

What did you learn from this small Handmade Gmail inbox?

Press ctrl+ S to save your Gmail draft.

Gmail Save as four


This article does not support you to do any personal work during working hours. It is only a presentation to help you which is the Gmail way of saving a draft.