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Gmail Keyboard shortcuts means Easy webmail shortcuts

Here we will learn about gmail keyboard shortcuts, tricks and tips.

Gmail is the most widely used webmail. It belongs to Google.
You can have up to 5GB (or more) free storage capacity and if you need additional storage, you can purchase more from Google.

Another advantage is that you can do a Google search within your Gmail, which archives your messages helping you to keep away messages from your inbox without deleting them.

In gmail each message you send and all the replies you receive are grouped together so you don’t need to look for the previous series of messages if you mail to the same person.

Gmail does not put ads on your messages if they do, the Google ads are placed by computers not by humans.  Once you block spam mail it is very unlikely to appear it in your inbox again.

The other important thing is you have got virus filtering advantage which can’t be turned off. These are some of the few advantages of Gmail.

As more and more people are shifting to gmail I found it is very important for anyone to learn a few tricks and ideas for remembering all gmail keyboard shortcuts.