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M: The Gmail Password for Mute

Are you looking for a Gmail password to stop coming irrelevant conversation into your inbox?

gmail passwordHave you ever been asked for an opinion or dragged into a conversation on a topic that you have no interest or knowledge about and found yourself wishing a Do not Disturb sign on your forehead will ward off unnecessary disturbances?

If you have then I would like to tell you about a Gmail feature you can use when you are in an email group where people register to discuss issues of common interest.
gmail-passwordSometimes you may find the topics being discussed in the group are wandering away from your interest and thus wasting your time.

In this case can you mute a conversation in an email, as you could when annoying commercials interrupt your favorite TV program?

Let me call it as Gmail password for mute.

gmail-password threePlease keep in mind that the mute is only available in conversation view.

Gmail allows you to mute the conversation without the other group members knowing, in other words you can mute them politely.

You go to the conversation and press M.

Once the conversation is muted all messages related to that thread stops coming to your inbox (unless otherwise he put a CC to you).

Gmail Password FiveBut it Archives the conversation.

This means it bypasses the inbox but continues to be added to the conversation from the email group.

Go through this picture and see how efficiently Gmail muted this person’s mouth. 

Unfortunately, it looks very cruel and it is not at all a polite method of muting but I hope it may help you remember this keyboard shortcut.
Gmail Password six
So once again, the Gmail shortcut key for Mute is M.

If you want to un-mute a conversation select the conversation and click on Move to Inbox. Now the whole conversation is moved back into your inbox.

The mute is no longer in action and all the new messages are once again listed in your inbox.

Gmail password seven

Look at the picture below, Muted with the help of M!.

Gmail Password 8

I hope you will never forget this special Gmail password.