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Gmail Search Key:
Simply the Post Man's Idea!

Gmail search key for mail search is an easy shortcut.
Let us learn how we search for a message using gmail keyboard shortcuts.
When the word search comes to my mind, I remember two things:

First my grand dad who always keep a stick in his hand for searching things. Secondly the postman who comes to our village for the collection of  letters.
gmail keyboard shortcuts search mail press slash key

More over I heard all great men had a big stick in their hand which they thought would be useful to them for one or another reason.

Gmail Search key
We had only one letter box in our village for outgoing letters. People used to keep on complain that the letters they post does not reach to their friends or relatives on time.

They thought the post man does not check letter box properly or regularly.

To defend the complaint, one day the post man decided to carry a big stick in his hand whenever he goes to collect letters.

This stick was so..... big
. He purposely carried it to show the public whatever their complains could be those are baseless and he is doing his best for not missing any letters.

Sorry, I did not tell you why he always carried this stick:

He opens the letter box and collects all those outgoing letters. To make sure there is nothing hidden inside the box he use his stick to stir inside the box. Sometimes he found out some letters comes out which were hidden in-between.

The gmail keyboard shortcut for searching messages does the same function. All what you have to do is just press the Slash Key then it will fly out of the keyboard!!...and..it becomes bigger and bigger.. like the post man's searching stick!.
You just grab it in your hand and insert into the letter box. You will get the message or letter you searched!!.

See The letter is there !.

The true storey:

Pressing the slash key will take you to the gmail search box.
By Remembering the post mans' storey you can easily remember which gmail keyboard shortcut is gmail search key used for searching messages.

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