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Just Gmail Sign in and Start Learning
your Keyboard shortcut Tricks Easly

Once your Gmail sign in is over you are in inbox.  So, It is time to practice some important shortcuts.

As we are in the first Unit of Gmail shortcuts tricks and Ideas, let us start learning the most frequently used keys we use in our daily Gmailing. This way  you can minimise your mouse usage once you signed in Gmail. There are few actions we do day-to-day once Gmail sign in is done.

Writing a letter:  It can vary from simple personal letter-writing to essay-writing or online-writing.  But in most cases writing an email just means personal letters.  So, at the beginning we need to learn how to remember the Gmail key for writing a letter.

Gmail sign in composing a letterPressing the letter C in any View of the Gmail will help you go to compose mode.  When you press C the screen is ready for you to start writing your Gmail. 

Remembering the letter C for composing a letter in Gmail seems to be very easy, but as we are going to discuss all shortcut keys in detail I want you to remember this key forever through this simple story and a few pictures attached within.

Writing in a new window is a beautiful feature Gmail made for
us - something many people do not use frequently, or maybe not at all. 
Gmail Sign in composing in a new window
But composing a letter through a new window is really Wondeful because you have a new window on your screen leaving your inbox window still underneath. 

Why don’t you write letter to your best friend
 in a new window? 

There are many single-letter keyboard shortcuts in Gmail which makes our life easier than ever.  R for replying to an email is one of those.  Once a letter is received you just press r, and that is it. 

The kind of letters we receive too make us to reply only through shortcuts!  You get a firing letter, or someone sent you an annoying letter which probably ruined your whole day - hopefully not the whole of your life!  You do not want to wait any more, just press r and reply to him without wasting even a few seconds.

Gmail Sign in Replying a letterSometimes we receive a letter as part of group discussions and in case we need to reply to all in the group, Gmail helps us with a simple keyboard shortcut.  And how about replying to a group of people in a fresh window?  That is also made easy. 

All these various means of replying in Gmail are explained with the help of pictures and stories here.

We also face problems while drafting a letter.  For example, your boss wants you to do something urgently, you receive an unexpected call or shocking news that makes you leave the office immediately, therefore requiring to finish the letter at a later stage. 

Gmail Sign in Saving DraftsIn such circumstances, saving your draft makes sure that everything is saved and protected.  You will not be shocked again when you come back to the office after finishing all those urgent responsibilities!  Though Gmail auto save during the process of composing the email, a few words or lines you typed at the end may not be saved.

So we just want to make sure that even the final words are saved!

Alt+Tab is the Gmail keyboard shortcut for sending an email - probably a difficult one to remember.  As in the olden days, in villages, sending a letter was more difficult than actually writing a letter.  You had to go to the post office, wait  in the queue, buy the stamp, smear the gum etc.  But I promise you there won’t be any difficulties in remembering this wonderful compo keyboard shortcut.  You can send your letter faster than sending a fax from your computer.  You can also send multiple files attached to your email.

Gmail Sign in Tab Enter Sending a fileWe have now finished the chapters explained above. So once your Gmail sign in is done or simply saying once you are in Gmail, without using your mouse or with rare use of mouse, you have become an expert in doing the most frequent things you do in your day to day emailing. 

So, you can easily answer the following questions.

1. Which button on the keyboard should be pressed to go to letter-writing  mode of the Gmail?

2. How to write a Gmail in a fresh window?

3. How do you give an instant reply to a letter or to a group in a fresh window?

4. Which is the keyboard shortcut for saving drafts?

5. How do you send your letters without using your mouse.

By learning and remembering these five important keyboard shortcuts you have finished Unit One of the Gmail Keyboard tricks.  So, if you think these five chapters are enough for today, come and Gmail sign in again tomorrow and practice Unit two keys which will help  us to get rid of unwanted files from our inbox.

That is to say, a headache-free Gmail inbox.

Before we go to Unit two it is better to go through the lessons once more once you Gmail signed in.