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Gmail Spam Reporting Made Easy

Let us learn the Gmail spam trick!: The way Gmail handles the Spam!.

Spam is a group of similar messages send to several people through email.
Let us call it a Gmail spam to be more specific. Email addresses are collected from different sources like websites, chat rooms and news rooms.


Some virus infected computers also collects information from the computer to send to spammers. The majority of this spam contains health and quick money making advertisements which people are easily attracted to.
In gmail, once we receive a spam message we can easily report it as spam which will block future emails from the same source going into our gmail inbox.
The gmail keyboard shortcut to report a particular message as spam is:
An exclamation mark (!). The series of pictures shown in this will help you to remember this particular keyboard shortcut vey well.

Select a particular message while you are in gmail inbox and press the exclamation mark!.

Enjoy the pictures and observe how cruelly a spam message is handled by the Gmail exclamation mark.

Exclamation mark comes out...catches the spam..and..crashes...


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