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Gmail Tab Enter Brings Old Memories

Now it is Gmail Tab Enter.

After composing an email all that’s left to do is to send it to the right person by clicking on the Send button.

As we are learning how to use Gmail keyboard shortcuts effectively I will show you how to send an email without looking and clicking the send button through the pictures in this short article shown below.

In short we will learn how to remember Gmail Tab Enter key for sending emails.

The keyboard shortcut for Sending mail in Gmail is Tab+Enter. So after writing your email all you need to do is press the Tab and Enter keys together and the letter gone to the intended recipient.

Let us talk about the Tab key first.If you look carefully there are two arrows on the tab key on the keyboard (above). A forward arrow and a backward arrow.


Let us take out the backward arrow as you see in the picture and expand it so that it forms the shape of a loudspeaker.
Now, the second key is Enter.Again, if you check the keyboard carefully, you will see there is a picture of an arrow on the Enter key as well.


Let us take out this arrow from the Enter key- and you see it expands to a loudspeaker‘s shape.

Now the two loud speakers, the one from the Tab key and the one from the Enter key are attached! Even if you murmur something from the the Tab key loud speaker it can be heard through the Enter key loud speaker from the recipient’s side.

Do you remember your childhood when you might have used a string telephone to communicate with your best friend? Here instead of string we use the help of two loud speakers and their long tubes that attach them together so that the voice passes through it.

Your voice changes into vibrations which travel along the hollow tube and on reaching the other end, the vibrations once again changes back into sound.

Gmail Tab Enter

Your childhood memories will help you to remember the keyboard shortcut for sending messages in Gmail so you will never need to look for the send button.

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