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A Gmail Talk: How to go to all Messages you have Starred?

The chapter heading start with a strange  name called A Gmail talk...Becuase I thought it is another simple storey about Gmail. 

A gmail-keyboard-shortcuts-gs-one
Gmail talk means another talk about Gmail.Our aim is how to become an expert in Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Today the subject we are going to talk about is how to go to a starred email in Gmail. That is also without using a mouse.

Gmail keyboard Shortcuts gs two
So, how do we reach a starred email while you are in Gmail?

Before that let us try to understand what a starred mail in Gmail means. We know that star means something exceptional. Example: a film star or a sports star. In the same way, a starred mail in Gmail means an important mail or a special email we just can’t ignore. Or an email we would like to keep for a long time because of some important reasons.

 Gmail keyboard shortcuts gs three

At least a few of the emails we receive in our inbox on a  regular basis are exceptional.; we give some status to these letters, so that later it is easier for us to trace them for future reference. 

Gmail keyboard Shortcuts gs four

Now, let us transform this Gmail talk to the world of imagination and try to remember this valuable keyboard shortcut with the help of a little trick.
By saying starred email in Gmail what we mean is a letter sitting among the stars.

Gmail keyboard Shortcuts gs five

Let us imagine that our email is sitting among the stars, quite far away from the surface of the earth. So that it is protected from a hurricane, a tsunami or an earthquake!  Our letters are always protected despite all calamities! A very safe place to preserve all our important letters!  Among the stars!!!
Gmail talk one

Before that I forgot to tell you something.  This is wonderful news!
When we had finished our last chapter I had requested Google to provide us their Gmail aircraft for a few more days. They immediately replied to me that they have no problem to continue our journey by taking their aircraft (just kidding).

Gmail talk two

So it is high time to make a trip to the starred mail.
By the time you reach your special emails – starred mails, look at the trailing fog the Gmail aeroplane made.  It is S shaped!
So, the compo key for going to all starred mails in Gmail is g + S.
I am sure that you have not forgotten our Gmail aircraft represents the
letter g.

Gmail talk three

The important point: 
The keyboard shortcut to go to starred email is g+ s.
Before I complete this small Gmail talk, I warn you to finish your starred Gmail visit quickly. Once you visit all your starred mail don’t spend much time over there. We have to visit many other venues in Gmail!  Moreover, we can’t expect Gmail to provide their plane for a long period.

Gmail talk four

So, once you come back let me know immediately. I am ready for a few more Gmail talks / gmail stories about visiting different venues and locations in Gmail.
For the time being we will have a small break.