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Gmail Tips and Tricks: Go To All Mail

Gmail tips and tricks one With the help of little Gmail tips and tricks explained in this chapter your will be able to remember how to access all mail while you are in Gmail.

Let us go and see all our letters and messages.

We have our g shaped aero plane waiting for us ready to take us for visiting all our letters.
So let us be ready for a takeoff

Gmail tips and tricks twoMake sure you have seated properly while you are in the plane and have put all your luggages in the rack. Being busy with learning Gmail tips and tricks for keyboard shortcuts, you should not forget to keep your valuable things!

Ready?.Fasten your belt.

While you are in the plane I can see so many changes on your face. I am sure while you look through the window, watching blue sky and clouds, memories of your childhood, college life, different institutions you worked... so and …So many things pass through your mind.

Gmail tips and tricks four Let me tell you one or two sentences about the place you are going to visit.

All those letters from the day you had your Gmail account up to the last one you received or sent have been preserved there!  All of them are stocked there in a separate building!

Wow! Our flight is about to land!

We can see those buildings one after another erected serially to keep all your letters.  Not only the building, we can even see your letters now...!

Gmail go to all mailWhen everybody built tall buildings to make money, Gmail built few building to keep all your memories safely forever.

All these letters are holding information of great things which happened all walks of your life.

The letters and messages are preserved for generations to generations.
Because even after your period of life at least few of them can be useful for someone. You never know!

Gmail go to all mail twoAs we have a Gmail plane for visiting all our letters, there should be a runway too.

When you look at the picture you see our runway is around the building and it is made up of the letter a!

So whenever you want to see all your valuable letters and messages all what you have to do is simply fly by the Gmail flight and land on the special Gmail runway made up of the letter a. 

Gmail go to all mail
It is possible that sometimes we may not want to open our letters.
But we can make a round around our letter holding buildings, to make sure all letters are safely kept.

Gmail shortcuts ga one
Once you know all your letters are there you can fly back without getting off the plane! Because you have scene your letters are safe! So we have completed one more Gmail tips and tricks lesson for remembering keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts ga two

Now let us talk about the summery of this chapter.

How to go to 'all mail' in Gmail?
Which compo key are you going to press to go to all mail in Gmail?
The answer is g + a. The  g shaped aero plane and the a shaped runway around ALL MAIL building will help you to remember this valuable keyboard shortcut easily.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts ga three
So whenever I want to visit all my letters I will take my g shaped plane and land in the runway made up of a. Now you can slowly make a move around it seeing all your letters are kept safe.

In short what have you learned from this small article?
To go to all mail in Gmail, press g + a.

We have not reached half way yet. We are going to go through many other Gmail tips and tricks articles one after another with few days gap in between.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts ga four