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A Gmail Tutorial for Deleting Files.

Welcome to the Gmail tutorial that will show you a neat shortcut to help you to get rid off unwanted messages or conversations. My Google tutorial for a Gmail shortcut!

Gmail delete file with an electric connection 

Let us have an electric connection from our keyboard to the bin which has a special lid made up of # - the number key – the key for deleting unwanted mail in Gmail.

Gmail tutorial one
Now, all you have to do is to press the # key on the keyboard and watch it slowly rise up above the keyboard level.

Gmail tutorial two

Have you also noticed that the lid of the Gmail trash is also rising accordingly? When you reach half way of my Google tutorial, you see the lid of the trash also reaches half way up.

Gmail tutorial three

Once the door is opened completely the trash is ready to accept all unwanted messages and junk mail.

Gmail tutorial four

Gmail delete file one

In the picture you see that your messages are already in the trash, so you may release your finger from the # key now.

Gmail delete file two

When you take your finger off the # key you let it to go back to its initial position, level to the other keys on the keyboard. Surprisingly, when the # key goes down the lid of the trash also goes down at the same time.

Gmail delete file three

All waste is safely thrown into the waste basket and the lid of the trash has been closed. You are free from headache until you receive further unwanted junk mail. Hopefully with the help of the series of images shown here you have now learnt which shortcut key you could press to delete Gmail.

Gmail delete file four

Once again before you go off from this Gmail tutorial the Gmail shortcut for deleting a message is # key.

You may use the # key once you see a particular message is not worth to read, or after reading a message before you move to another one.

Note: It is known to anyone that you have to Hold Shift while you press The # Key.

I hope you enjoyed the images along with this article and found it useful.

As the trash is already closed it is time to close our Gmail tutorial as well.