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Internet Explorer Shortcuts..,
Now Webpages Shortcuts

As all of you know Internet Explorer is a web browser, which has been used widely since it introduced. When we talk about internet explorer Shortcuts,this page gives tips and tricks for remembering some of the webpages shortcuts.These keys are frequently used while web browsing is going on.

Alt + Home: This keyboard shortcut takes you to your home page. Once you have got an internet connection, everybody set a home page for him. Suppose your homepage is Google, pressing Alt + Home will take you to Google’s main page while you are in a different web page. Same is applied for Yahoo, Ask or even if you set up your own website as your homepage.
internet explorer keyboard shortcuts alt-home1

Alt + Right arrow: Alt + Left Arrow:
This keyboard shortcut will take you to the next page. Suppose you type ‘English’ in Google search and you click a webpage title that has appeared as a search result. Press Alt + Right arrow, you will be taken to the next page. This can be repeated further. Alt + Left arrow is the opposite of that. That is to say it will take you to the previous page.

Esc: key is used to cancel downloading pages. Here you easily remember the purpose of this keyboard shortcut.

F11: This keyboard shortcut is used as a toggle key between full screen and normal screen.

Ctrl + O: This keyboard helps you to go to a new location. You get a dialog box asking you to type the internet address of a document or folder: Here you will remember this particular keyboard shortcut.

You can see many other Internet explorer webpages shortcuts are explained in other pages

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