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Windows L, Lock Your Computer
With Your Spanner

The easiest way to lock the computer screen is Windows L.

windows lock key

The entire windows’ keyboard shortcuts explained so far seems to be easy to remember. However, there is always some confusion somewhere.

For example, to remember the keyboard shortcuts for locking the computer is - Windows + L. But after a few days you might get confused whether it was: Window + L, Alt + L or Ctrl + L.

This confusion can be solved by going through the pictures illustrated throughout the website.

windows locking the screenAgain, to remember that Windows L key is meant for locking the computer.

Let us look at the picture carefully.

In the picture we see the computer screen is covered with a glass screen and there is a picture of Microsoft Windows on the screen.

So there is a window both in the screen and in our minds.

Now let us lock the screen with the help of an L-shaped spanner. The computer screen is therefore locked with L.

This way it becomes easier for us to remember the window + L key is meant for locking computers.

While you are in the middle of work the easiest key for locking the computer is: Window L.

Note: before you lock the computer please make sure that you remember your password.

Windows locking the screen

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