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How to Compose my Gmail
in a New Window?

My Gmail is a special one. So I want to compose it in a new window. How?

We have learned how to compose emails in Gmail by using the C shortcut key. Now Let us learn how to write emails in a fresh window with the help of another simple idea.
My gmail oneI want to write My Gmail in a fresh window.
That is to say, writing in a fresh window using the Shift key.
When you need to write a letter you generally start in a fresh piece of paper Instead of using any old scrap paper.

When you were checking your email one day you realized you hadn’t been in touch with your best friend and decided it’s high time you wrote a long letter of apology and explain whatever happened since you last wrote that had kept you so busy and ask what has been happening in his life.
My gmail two
But the sound of birds coming from outside gave you the urge to leave your computer and open the curtain and slowly… the windows...made up of Shift key.

Once you slid the
S H I F T grills away you are able to look into a fresh sight of the world in front of you.

You see your best friend sitting in the courtyard and writing a long letter to you.

My Gmail threeHe had waited a long time to hear from you but realized you must have been very busy.

After waiting he decided to take the initiative and write to you instead because in the end it doesn’t really matter who writes to whom first.

Once the SHIFT grills are away what have you seen in the picture?
Composing Gmail through A new window.
Gmail Shift C oneNow, just as opening the windows of your house gave you a fresh perspective on writing to your best friend a long letter Gmail also has the option for you to compose your emails in a fresh window.

 All that you have to do is press the Shift key and then the C key.

This will take you to a new window in the middle of an existing window.
Gmail Shift C two
Now what you want to say before you write your email?

“I am sending you my Gmail in a fresh window.”

My Gmail is special, so I press shift + C to compose it in a new window.

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