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Proof Reading in Ms Word

Proof Reading picture one
We start Proof reading once a word document got typed completely. We also name it spelling and grammar checking. Hundreds of spelling errors are corrected with the help of a dialogue box called spelling and grammar dialogue box. Of course a virtual dictionary with possible suggested words is listed.

picture proof Reading two

You select the right word from the list to replace the wrongly typed word. And the process goes ….on… until the end of the document, or up to a point where from you are no more interested to continue Spelling checking. Even a spelling Guru take help of this dialogue box to check all the words got typed are correct before he finalize and send it for printing. 

Nobody knows how many errors you did while you were preparing the document! Olden days you had a dictionary besides you always to make sure that all what you had typed are correct.

picture Proof Reading three

The keyboard shortcut for proof reading is F7. Whoever creates a word document should surely remember this key so that he can save lots of time. Learning this particular keyboard shortcut is really fun! I promise you that you don’t need to put any special effort to put this key in your mind.

Picture Proof Reading four

Once typing is complete make sure that you are at the beginning of the document.  Press F7 button now!. Word will start checking your document from starting to end.

Picture Proof Reading five

Now, remembering this key:

I will stop talking now but my pictures will start communicating with you while you go through them one by one.
Go to picture number starting from one till the end.

Picture Proof Reading Six

The purpose of this article was to show you how F7 key is hidden in word proof. By remembering it how simple it is going to be your future proof reading in Microsoft word.

You have seen it and hopefully you have enjoyed it too.
Picture Proof Reading Seven

Look at the word document now; you see a dialogue box appeared suddenly!

Spelling and grammar checking is complete!

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