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Ctrl + A: Means Select All in a File

When you select all in a document you have to make sure that no components/ parts are missing. How sad it is when you know that there is no kitchen in your house!

Select All OneMany people use mouse to select document fully.
I tell you that it is very much possible to miss the part of a document when you use mouse.

Use Ctrl +A always to make sure that the whole document is selected.

So go for  Select all Shortcut key.

Select All Opening AMissing a letter at the beginning or end of the sentence can make the total meaning of the sentence different.

I have noticed many times when I use mouse to select something that there is a possibility to miss the first letter!.

Somehow the mouse moves a bit away and that make lots of changes!

See some of the funny sentences here: the total meaning changes when you miss the first letter-

Eat well take plenty of water but don’t pee.
At well take plenty of water but don’t pee!

Your daughter is sick.
Our daughter is sick!

Tall girls are very beautiful.
All girls are very beautiful!

Missing a letter at the end of the sentence also bring troubles.

“Dad…, Take care.
“Dad…, Take car!

Another one:

His approach towards him was not fare. If you miss the last letter in the sentence….
His approach towards him was not far...!

So when you need to select all in a document, always go for Ctrl +A. It would select everything in the document.

No missing!

Now I want you to go through the pictures carefully.
Select-All A opened
You see how the object shaped r and L has come to open the Letter A, then safely you keep the document in it!.

Your document is protected under high security!.  That is how A selects the whole document!.Suppose a heavy rain or cyclone comes, what will happen?

The whole document can be wet and can be thrown out of the office!
So we want high security to protect your document.
Select All Word file in
We bought a C shaped roof for you. Only to protect your precious document!

With the help of Hammer we fixed it and thus the roof is ready!

Your document is safely selected - thus your baby is highly protected!

Select All with roof

Dear my precious document,

We know that you are our chief guest; we would provide you all amenities and security. So, relax in the lap of A.

We know without you we lose so much in our life. You are my beloved baby So Please relax and enjoy!

Select All Roof and HammerI hope these pictures would definitely help you to remember this keyboard shortcut.

To say it simply, Now you know that the keyboard shortcut to select the whole document in Microsoft word or any Microsoft windows / office application is Ctrl +A.

what you have to do to select all in a docuemnt?

While you are in Microsoft Word document Just press Ctrl + A.

Select All Document Under Full ProtectionYou have pressed Ctrl + A.

You have passed one more examination too!

You have selected everything in the document thus your selection is perfect!

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