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Just Rearrange shift ctrl
to have 'shortcut file.'

The purpose of the Shift Ctrl key combination has already been explained before you have been brought to this page. Let us look at the picture and watch how easily you can re-arrange the letters in the shift and ctrl key so that it slowly forms the word compo shortcut file.

shift-ctrl-windows-keyboard-shortcutsTake a look at picture 1. Here we have the Shift and control keys.

‘S-h-i-f-t’ has got 5 letters and ‘c-o-n-t-r-o-l’ has got 7 letters, all together they make 12 letters.

 See equal number of slots placed in the two blocks beside these keys.

In picture 2 let us slowly rearrange the letters so that we get our target compo word which is shortcut file.

In picture 3 S, h and t have already been transferred and the rest of the letters are on the move.


In picture 4 all letters have already moved except the letter n.

Now we know that to have a shortcut file we should first hold down the shift + ctrl keys and drag the file.

So let us hold down the shift + control key using the only letter left “n”. The letter n can be used as a clamp to hold together the 2 blocks.
In Picture 6 we are holding and dragging together.

In picture 7 you finally got what you expected - a shortcut fil. It is true that “fil” is missing the letter “e”.

But it is quite enough that shortcut fil is enough to remember shortcut file.

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