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Shift Delete..Beware!

Here Let us talk about the Windows Shift Delete Shortcut.

windows-keyboard-shortcuts-shift-delete-press-keysBut before I say anything about this keyboard shortcut lets revise how to delete a file.

For example, if you are on Windows Explorer – to delete a particular file, select that file and just press the ‘Delete’ button.

What actually happens when you press the 'Delete' button?

The file goes to the 'Recycle bin' and hides in there for sometime !.

Later HE – the file - realizes that you don’t want ‘HIM’ any more. So Sad !

The File then gets depressed and commits suicides!.

The ‘Delete’ key sends the file into the recycle bin before it is deleted permanently.

Now our keyboard shortcut is Shift + Delete.

What happens when you press Shift Delete?
As you can see in the picture, the shift key “Takes off” from the switchboard and closes the big mouth of the Recycle bin thereby blocking the entrance of the file into the bin.

The file first heads towards the recycle bin. The poor ‘Fellow’ does not know that the ‘shift’ key with sharp edges is waiting for “HIM” to come.

When the file is about to enter into the Recycle bin the sharp edges of the ‘Shift’ key chops “HIM” into hundreds of pieces.

So no more headaches from this silly file.

The true storey:

‘Shift + Delete’ removes the file permanently without sending them to the Recycle bin.

1    Select the file or folder. For example, while you are in Desktop or
      Windows explorer

2    Press Shift + Delete

3    A dialogue box appears asking you for the confirmation of deletion.

Have fun!

Now you have learned to remember which keyboard shortcut is meant for deleting the file permanently without sending them to the Recycle bin. This shortcut key is very useful especially if there is a sensitive file you don’t want to keep in the disk anymore.

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