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Shift F10 Means Shortcut Menu

To do all kinds of easy actions related to any object you select, Windows Shift F10 shortcut key helps you a lot. How?

windows-windows-xp-winxp-keyboard-shortcuts-shift-f10-shortcut-menu-restaurantTo do all kinds of easy actions related to any object you select, Windows Shift F10 shortcut key helps you a lot.

Probably right clicking the mouse is easier than using shift + F10.

But in the process of becoming an expert in keyboard shortcuts, there is a day going to come you might not like to take off your hand from the keyboard.

It is so nice to talk about shortcut menu while our subject is already about shortcut keys.

A shortcut menu is a menu which appears on the screen when you click the right mouse button.

It helps you a lot.
It helps you a lot by showing all basic operations related to an object.

So you don’t need to look for that particular menu which serves you the function you want to do.

How to remember this keyboard shortcut?

For me a shortcut menu is a menu which helps you from trouble.

We live in a world where everybody talks about high cholesterol, Diabetes etc.

So when we talk about shortcut menu, it is a menu which helps you a lot from getting in to trouble of these dangerous diseases.

Let me tell you a short storey,

In our city there is a restaurant that advertises always that whoever takes food from that restaurant would never face those killer diseases.

windows-xp-shift-f10-calling-liftYou might wonder how come? But it is true !.

There are two reasons for that.

First they serve shortcut food (Food free from high calories).

Secondly the restaurant is placed at the 10th floor and everybody has to use the stairs to reach the 10th floor.

Imagine somebody goes to this restaurant three times a day by using stairs and still he has to take low calorie food !.

windows-xp-winxp-keyboard-shortcuts-shift-f10-pressing-shift-f10Some thing you can’t take very easily, right ?.

But they have a special offer on all Sundays !!.

What is that?.

On Sundays you can use the ‘floor lift’ so that you don’t need to climb all along the distance up to the 10th floor.

And you can have a low calorie menu.

A Shortcut menu lavishly on that day !.


So to get an easy shortcut menu all what you do:

Shift yourself  to the 10th floor by lift. Shift to F10.

That is to say Shift + F10 or simply let us say Shift F10.


Now you have learned to remember one more windows or winxp keyboard shortcut.

To get shortcut menu:  Shift + F10 Or Shift F10.

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