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Just Shift Your CD!

What does it mean Shift CD?. Now a day playing a CD in your computer is something a common task. Generally, when you insert the CD into your hard drive it plays automatically.

windows general keyboard shortcuts shift cd

In Windows there is a shortcut key which can be used to stop playing your CD once it has been inserted.

windows-general-keyboard-shortcuts-shift-cdIf you hold down the “Shift” key while inserting the CD you can stop playing the CD.

Now let us see if I can help you to remember easily which keyboard shortcut can be used to stop playing a CD.

Let us imagine that in the computer we have got a gramophone instead of a CD player. 

When you play a gramophone we use the tone arm to play the record.

windows-general-keyboard-shortcuts-shift-cd-3 If you don’t put the tone arm on the record it will not play. That means shifting the tone arm away from the record will stop the gramophone from playing the record.

So, to stop playing the record you need to Shift the tone arm away from the record.

Let us imagine that when you press the SHIFT key it flies out of the keyboard and shifts the tone arm away from the CD, thus stopping the CD from playing (as demonstrated in the picture).

I hope this short article will help you to remember the shortcut key for stopping the CD  from playing .


Thus we know the keyboard shortcut to stop playing the CD.

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