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Spell-Checking in Ms word

We always do spell-checking once typing is finished while we are in MS word.The keyboard shortcut for spell-checking is F7. Even if we make hundreds of spelling mistakes we can easily correct them using the Spell checking dialogue box. Nobody knows how many mistakes you made while you were preparing the document. Thanks to the technology!. Olden days you had  have a dictionary always besides you to make sure that all what you have typed is correct.

ms word spell keyboard shortcut spell checking

Proofing is another single word for spell-checking. Even for an expert in spell out words, it is quite important to check all the words are typed correctly before he finalize the document. So he go for spell checking and go through all the words mispelled are corrected from a list of words available while spell checking process is going on.
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So as we mentioned before the keyboard shortcut for proof reading in MS word is F7.

Ms Word Spell checking image 3
Once the doucment is typed completely all what you have to do is press F7 button which asks word to start checking your document from starting to end, or until a positon from where you are no more interested to continue the spell-checking test.
Ms word spell checking image 4
I can show you the keyword shortcut for proof reading is hidden in the word Proof. The picutres I have shown here will simplify things for you and in the future you are no more worried off where exactly the spell checking tool is hidden. Ms word keep on updating  frequently and people are so much confused to find out the menu bar to locate the menu they want to click on.
MS Word spell checking image 5

So keep away your dictionary!. Keep away your mouse !. And keep away all your worries!. Start checking your document by simply remembering the key.
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Press F7 in the keyboard while you are in MS word document. Your spell-checking is done within few secondes!
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