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Dear Mum
Hope everything is fine with you. I know what is in your mind now. Why my son is writing a letter now. He always make phone call. Moreoever I know that he is very busy too. These are the feelings going through your mind.
But, You know that without any reason your son wont do something special. May be you think that I met a girl and I want to marry her?.  It is not. I will tell you why I wrote this letter.
I want to tell you that there is a simple keyboard shortcut to compose the letter in Gmail. Because I know that after typing the letter you really look for send button. As you know very well where exactly the letter C is located in the keyboard you can easily press C and start typing.
You have taken care of us for several years as a secretary and this is why I am very much sure that you are an expert in using keyboard and you know where exactly the key C is : even without looking at the keybord. So why you have to put on the glasses and try to find out where exactly the compose button is.
Just go through this .
At the absence of our Dad you have taken care of all of us very well. That too spending almost all the time from morning to evening by hitting the old type writer. But this is why I am very much sure you will be one of those who really enjoy the gmail keyboard shortcuts. For you, you can utilize your experience of keyboard whearabout s which make you to easly found out the letter C. And Also it is good remaday for you to have some relevies nes from wrist and I know that you are suffering b y putting that special band on your hand . I also want to tell you that this is only an introduction. I will send you more keyboard shortcuts through simple ideas and articles which would really help you. And I know that one day you will tell me, dear I use mouse very rarely and my wrist problem is very much cured now. At a far distance If I could do something like this I am very happy and I promise you that your son will be always there to help you.
I hope you still use half an hour thread mill walking which is very necessary. I will definitely coming for the next summer vacation.
So, Please don’t put on your glasses and search for compose button.
Yours sincere,