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Windows Break..
Break The Windows, Reveal the secrets!


The keyboard shortcut to find out the System’s properties is: windows break command, i.e,Windows + break. 

Suppose we are on the desktop and we want some information about our computer. For example, the computer model, what kind of hardware was installed in the computer, memory usage, disk space, .. etc. 

In other words, to find out the secrets of our system all we have to do is Press Windows + Break - to be easier windows break.

So let us go through this short article and discover how we can remember this shortcut.

windows-keyboard-natural-shortcuts-break-twoFor the purpose of learning windows-break command, let us use an example from practical life. 

Imagine there is a secret location where lots of properties and treasure are hidden, in order to figure out the hidden place with whatever means we can use. 

If, for example, you know someone who knows the location of this secret place and he is the only person who has the information on the whereabouts of the hidden treasure?.

You can make him reveal the secret location by catching him and breaking his leg!.

windows-keyboard-natural-shortcuts-break-threeGoing back to the discussion about windows shortcut keys. The window is the one who has the information about your computer. 

Because it is the operating system and all we need to do get to this information is to break the window’s leg!

So breaking the Window – will reveal the system’s properties.

So to find out the System’s properties we need to press: Window + Break.

To reveal the secrets about your computer press the Windows Logo key + the Break button, which is also known as the windows-break / pause button. If you look at the picture, you see the broken window is revealing the secrets !.

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