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Windows Desktop Shortcuts

In this page I would like to explain quick and easy tips to remembering the following Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Windows + D: This keyboard shortcut is used to going back to the desktop. It is the easiest keyboard shortcut for displaying the items on desktop. When you are using many Windows applications at a time there might be occasions where you need to refer to your desktop items. Knowing this keyboard shortcut will help you to quickly go back to the desktop.

Windows + U

This Windows keyboard shortcut provides you with the Utility manager.

There are three built in utilities:

1: The Magnifier, as its name implies, it allows you to see enlarged sections of the screen.

This way you can see these sections easier.

2: Onscreen keyboard: This helps you to click the required letters in an onscreen keyboard instead of using the physical keyboard.

3: The narrator: which can read aloud the text on the screen. This helps users who are blind or have very weak vision to read what is written on the screen.

Shift + Ctrl
This keyboard shortcut allows you to have a shortcut of the selected item on the desktop. A shortcut is an icon or button which is placed on the desktop. Once clicked it helps you to open the program or file without going to its original location in the computer.

Ctrl + Drag: Ctrl drag helps you to have a copy of the selected item. Normally dragging an item moves that item to another location. But to have a copy of an item, first select the item, hold down the ctrl key, and use the right mouse button to drag the item to the desired location. This keyboard shortcut helps you to have a copy of the file in a different directory or folder keeping the original in its original location.

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