Windows E,Turn on..
Physically and Virtually !

Windows E, teaches you the little trick to open the computer.

Few years back we used to turn on the computer in two steps.

First we simply detach the front part of it, then using a screw driver remove the top cover.

Once detached the front door looks like a capital ‘E’, and in the top flat side there is a built in window for ventilation.

windows-e-open-your-computer-1Thus, removing Windows-E (windows+E) opens the computer. See the picture! What would you see when you do the same thing using keyboard?.

Suppose you are in the desktop. By pressing windows logo key and then ‘E’, you can view all files, folders and directories!.

When somebody asks you to open the computer, You can either turn it on physically or virtually. Both ways you use with the combination of 'Windows + E' !.

Now, you have learned two things. How to open the computer physically using your hand and screwdriver, as well as opening the computer with the keyboard using the same command! Windows+E!.

Forget about this now, suppose your friend asks you after a week or so, “How to open the computer?” 

"How to get into windows explorer to view all folders and files in the computer”. 

I am sure that by the time he complete the sentence you should have answered the question.

It is windows-E.



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