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Windows Function Key F2..
Can Change Your Sex!

Let us learn what exactly windows Function F2 key does for You !

windows explorer mail folder
“How easy for you to remember F2 key is the keyboard shortcut meant for renaming a file or folder in windows ?” .

Here we go..

My friend used to have two file folders for the official correspondence,one exclusively for her boss.

She named it as Female1, ( Female one- because she is the first lady of that company.)

She had another folder for the rest of the staff, So she simply named it as email.

windows file folder renamingOne day she found out that all those letters in the folder ‘email’ contains issues related to her female staff only.

So she thought..

‘Why cant I rename my folder name email into female2 as it deals with issues only related to female staff (Remember she has already a folder with name female1 for her Boss.)

She selected the folder ‘email’ and pressed F2 !.

You know how Windows F2 Function Key managed re-naming ?
You know, how windows keyboard shortcuts favoured her ?

windows keyboard shortcut function key reanming file
F2 key splited into F and 2 and find their positions on either side of email ! So the name email changed into Femail2 .

Oh Boy femail does not stand for female !?

My friend, you already knew that By pressing F2, email can be changed into femail2 and that remembers you pressing which windows keyboard shortcut will do the job!.

windows explorer folder renaming file

Don’t waste your time for silly argument !!!

Now, lets go to the next article and learn which short cut key stands for searching documents and file folders !.

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