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Windows Help Key - F1
Always Helps You

How would you remember Windows F1 Function Key, also knows as Windows Help Key can be used for searching for help? Here is a fake story which happened several years ago.

windows-function-key-school-burningOne day a fire broke out in our school when we were in the middle of a scientific experiment.

We were all locked up and could not get out, none of us thought that we would ever be able to see our loved ones … ha..

Suddenly, a fire engine from the fire safety department appeared and someone jumped out of the Water Tanker with a big metal rode!

“Why does he not do anything with his hose?” I asked myself.

I still remember that the metal rode looked like Arithmetic number one (1) and he started hitting one side of the window behind which we were rushing to get some oxygen.
windows function key f coming for helpThen there was another person with high safety measures – he was wearing his fire-safety glasses, shoes and with an ‘F’ shaped hook started pulling the other side of the window.

Doesn't it look like Windows Help Key?. I mean F1 Function Key?.The window slowly started shaking from its position…. and …. finally it... collapsed.

All the students managed to escape!!! Thank Almighty …. After the incident was over I thought back to what happened in these last few moments..!!!?

Then I realized that it was with the help of F1... we managed to escape and we escaped through a WINDOW!!!

Windows function key f1


Windows F1 Function Key is there to help you !!!!

WE ALL ESCAPED….!!!!. Thanks to windows , Microsoft windows shortcut keys !!!

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