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Windows M, Minimize Your Windows
Using Index Finger!

Windows M is the keyboard shortcut for minimizing windows. Once the window is minimized you are free to explore other items on the desktop.
So it also works as a shortcut to go to the desktop.

window natural shortcuts minimize
When you look at the picture notice that the top case of the window has got a hinge and when you press it, its’ shape changes into an “M” and the window slowly rolls down to form a smaller window.

windows natural shortcuts being minimized
Thus, the window has been minimized; or becomes smaller. While you are typing a document in Microsoft (MS) Word or are working in MS Excel this command would minimize the window you are currently working on and would take you to the desktop.

windows natural shortcuts minimized
The window and its’ transformation into the letter “M” upon pressing on it will hopefully help you to remember that the shortcut command for minimizing a window is window + M.
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