Windows Natural Shortcuts,
Simply Natural !

Here we will discuss Windows Natural  Shortcuts. When we talk about the Windows natural keys, the first key that comes to mind is the


Windows Logo Start Menu key. It is also known as Windows start key, sometimes known as ‘Winkey’. When you press the Windows logo key, the Windows ‘start’ menu appears. It serves the same function as the ‘Ctrl+ Esc’ shortcut. So it is a simple replacement for Ctrl + Esc. Click the Windows logo key to learn what it does.

‘Windows + E’, is another shortcut key for opening the computer. That is to say, it is belongs to windows keyboard shortcuts for opening  Windows explorer.

Once you open the Windows explorer you have information including: the lists of directories, subdirectories, folders and subfolders. Try pressing the Windows + E to help you remember this keyboard shortcut.
‘Windows + L’ is a simple keyboard shortcut for locking the computer. While you are in the middle of working on your computer and need to leave urgently, you don’t need to shut down the computer;
 + L
instead you can just lock your computer by pressing ‘Windows + L’. The tips and ideas to remember this particular keyboard shortcut are explained here.
‘Windows + M’ is the shortcut key for minimizing Windows. Images, ideas and tips for remembering this keyboard shortcut is explained here.

+ M
‘Windows + Break’ is the shortcut key for system properties. Why go to system properties? System properties will give us information about the computer model, the kind of hardware installed in the computer, memory usage,
etc…For a


Windows + Break shortcut key explanation, click here.
The ‘Windows + Run’ command takes you to the program you wish to work on. For example, if you want to work on MS Word. All you need to do is press the ‘Windows + R’ command and then type the program name you wish to run, for example: Winword.

+ R

This will take you to the Microsoft Word program. For ideas to remember the ‘Windows + Run’ command, please click here.

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