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Windows R, Run Command..,
Run on Your Own Wheels

When we talk about Windows’ keyboard shortcuts the Windows R command plays a major role. When you press “windows + R” command and then type the program name you want to use, you will be taken to that application.

Windows Keyboard shortctuts Run CommandFor example, if you press “Windows + R” and type: “winword” – you will be taken to Microsoft word; by typing “excel” the system will take you to Excel; and by typing “notepad” you will be able to enjoy the opportunity to use notepad.

How to remember Windows + R Keyboard shortcut ?.As it is a run command, it is obvious it should run and, in order to run smoothly it should have wheels.

Let us imagine that Windows + R has got four wheels, just like a supermarket trolley, and it is carrying a window.

Windows Keyboard Shortctus Run Command

Now that you have bought your window from the supermarket you want to leave the supermarket.To where..?

windows keyboard shortcuts Run CommandDon’t forget that that we live in a world where world road maps are easily available. In the picture you see our “R” has got a slot for a special chip.

If you want to take the Excel road you just put your Excel chip on the R, which takes you to the Excel.

Alternatively, if you want to go to Winword you just put Winword chip on the R command and that will take you to the Winword road.

This way you can easily remember the Windows Run command which takes you to the programs where you intend to do your work.

windows keyboard shortcuts Run Command

I hope this chapter has helped you to remember windows Run command and its usefulness, and I hope many of the keyboard shortcuts especially the Windows’ keyboard shortcuts is easier for you to remember.

Watch the trolly moving towards Excel Road !.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Run Command

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