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Windows Refresh Key - The F5 Function Key

Windows refresh Key is the F5 function key. You press F5 Function Key to have the updated version of that Web page when you are using internet explorer.

You can also use F5 in Windows to refresh the screen.

Windows keyboard shortcuts Function key F5

Windows keyboard shortcuts Function key F5Suppose you are viewing the contents of a floppy disk and you insert a new floppy, press Key F5 and you will be able to see the contents of the floppy you just inserted.

Now how would you remember which Windows Function key is the refresh key? - When you are tired you want some refreshements to revatilize yourself. For me, the best refreshment is a glass of juice.

After a long football game you go home and find your mother has just prepared a glass of fresh juice ! Wow !!

Juice isn’t simply just a glass of juice. It includes:

1 Apple flavour
2 Orange flavour
3 Grape flavour
4 Pinapple flavour
5 Mango flavour.

Five different fruits all combined into a great cocktail! With every sip into your glass you get to enjoy the taste of each and every fruit that went into preparing the cocktail!.

The cocktail juice with five different fruit flavours serves the purpose of a delicious and revatilizing refreshment.


Now you know which window’s shortcut key is used for refreshing pages? It is F5.

Five Fruits  F5 !. F5 Five Fruits!.

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