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Windows Search Key Means..
F3 Function Key

When I see Windows Search key - Windows F3 key, I always remember my father. How does it help you ?.

Those days we used to grow ginger.

Windows F3 Search KeyOnce harvested my father used to give me a hoe and ask me to look for rhizomes (pieces of underground stem)left out in the bed.

I was really glad to do this because with the money I get by selling this I was allowed to buy things for myself;

and of course this money was always pooled for our Volleyball club!!.

windows-keyboard-shortcuts-Function- Keys-F3
Why I did think of this story?

The hoe my father gave to me looked exactly like F button attached to 3 – as you see in the picture.

What if we ask the younger generation to do this job?

Many of them might not bother,but if you teach them how to make a hoe with windows F3 Function Key, they can use it to dig for files and folders.

   Press F3 Function key while you are in windows..

and see there is a bed waiting for searching files and folders and you can use it to pick up the file you want!.

Now you know that windows F3 function key is there to search for files and folders.The picture of a hoe digging for files and folders and the hoe’s resemblance to that of the F3 shortcut key will easily help you to remember what the F3 button does !.


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