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Windows Shift Keys

I have included four Windows general keyboard shortcuts in this page.

I would call them windows shift keys as all of them are 'shift based'. With the help of images, tips and ideas I am sure that you will be able to remember all of them.

Shift + F10: Opens the shortcut menu for the selected item.


This is the same as right clicking the mouse.

Shift + Delete: Delete the file without sending them to the recycle bin


Alt + Tab: is used to switch to another program. Hold down the ‘Alt’ key and press the ‘Tab’ button to move between the programs.

If you watch these keyboard shortcuts you can easily understand that all of them are Shift based: Shift, Shift + Delete, Shift + F10.

The fourth keyboard shortcut is Alt + Tab. Let me tell you that switching to another program is also a form of shifting. So, all these four keyboard shortcuts are 'shift related.'

You have clicked 'Windows shift keys' NAVIGATION bar which has brought you to this page. Please go through the corresponding links which will give you tips and ideas for remembering the keyboard shortcuts. By now you have probably gone through all the Windows keys explained so far and I hope you have enjoyed them. The images will hopefully have helped you to remember the shortcuts.

 As we are discussing keyboard shortcuts, it is important to have some idea about the Ergonomic keyboard and the Alexander Technique.

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