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 Windows-Shortcuts (Continued)

With the help of pictures, tips and ideas you will learn how to remember all the following Windows-Shortcuts which many people don’t use frequently. Please go through the links and have fun. 

A short description about these Windows-Shortcuts are given below.

Alt + Enter:

This Windows-Shortcut is used for viewing properties of the selected item in Windows. Suppose you want to know detailed information of a folder or file, for example -when it was created, size of the file or folder, whether it is read only or hidden, type of the file and etc... All this information can be collected by selecting that particular file or folder.

For example, go to my documents select any file or folder you have in there and then press Alt + Enter; you will be able to see all the information mentioned above.

Alt + F4:

The keyboard shortcut to close open Windows is ALT + F4. Suppose, while you are on the desktop press Alt + F4, a dialogue box will appear asking you if you would like to shut down or restart the Window. Alt + F4 command can be used while you are in an Excel or Word etc...

Alt + Space bar

Alt + Space bar is the windows shortcut key for opening the system menu. The system menu is a small menu which appears on the screen when you right click on the title bar of any application. Now you can minimize, maximize or close the application.

Ctrl + F4:

It is almost the same as Alt + F4. You can safely close the program when you Press Alt + F4 while you are working in an application. Ctrl + F4 help you to close the active window when more than one window is opened.

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