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Windows Start Key..
Opens the door for you

Before you learn about Windows Start key, also knows as Windows logo key, go through the following storey.

My mother cooks many dishes at the same time and they all taste gorgeous!.

Do you know how my mother became a world’s famous cook!.

All of us, except for two people, believe that she does not even look at the recipe. 

Only my Mum and her son – that’s me - know the secret!.

I shall tell you the story.

windows-logo-keyWe had a window in our kitchen and its door was built in such a way that once you push it, it revolves 180 degrees and if you push it again it goes back to it’s initial position, like you press your Windows-logo-key.

When she feels that she needs to look at the recipe she just pushes the door again and all the details appear in front of her !!.

You can also do this if you want to list all the Windows / WinXP programs on the screen.

I am sure that nowadays almost all of us have a Microsoft keyboard.


While you are in desktop, or any other Window’s based program, just push the Windows Start Key / windows logo key, as my mother used to do - the keyboard button between Alt key and Ctrl key on the lower left part of your keyboard.


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