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Windows Utility is Easier if You Can Remember this Unusual Storey.

windows-utitlity-keyboard-shortcutNow how can we remember the windows u - (windows+U) - windows utility shortcut  easily?. Generally, when we think about utility, the first thing that to mind is water, electricity, etc… Of which the most important utility is water.

Most of us have got a water motor at home that allows us to control the flow of water by switching on the electric motor that pumps up the water in the tank.

If you look at the picture you will see the water tap connected to the motor has got a ‘U’ shaped handle that is attached with a window-shaped steering for opening and closing the tap.

 When you rotate the handle with the help of MS Window the tap will open and the water will start to flow.

windows-utitlity-keyboard-shortcut-windows-uCan you ever expect to open the water tap and see a loud speaker and a monitor to flow out through the tap! The concept itself is difficult to imagine.

However, let us imagine it did happen to us one day, in which case the incident would be hard to forget.

 Unusual experiences in our lives usually get branded in our memories for life.

For example: We have all heard of dolphins, some us may have seen them in zoo, or in dolphin shows at some point in our lives.

 However, if one day you happened to find yourself lost in sea without a boat or a life jacket and were rescued by a dolphin that let you ride on its back safely to the shore, you will never forget the experience.

windows-utitlity-keyboard-shortcut-onscreen-keyboardSo, just imagine that one day you had a shortage of the most important utility in your home and as usual you opened the motor to bring up the water level with the help of the Microsoft Window shaped opener attached to the U shaped handle.

To your surprise you found a loudspeaker with the announcement, shown in the picture, as well as a monitor with an onscreen keyboard.

You will call your friends to come and see this wonder. That is how you will remember which keyboard shortcut key is used to get to the Windows utility.

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